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2021 technical training conference on key components of high power wind turbine

From July 4 to July 6, 2021, "2021 high power wind turbine key components technology training class" was held in Qingshan Hotel, Baotou. Wang Jianyong, general manager of Qingdao sured Trade Co., Ltd. and colleagues in the industry actively participated in the training.

The training was attended and guided by experts. The topics of the training include: Research on the development of wind power in the 14th Five Year Plan period under low price, design and operation and maintenance of large onshore wind turbines, analysis of important factors in the design of high-power wind turbines, design, production and operation and maintenance of high-power gearbox, and design, production and operation and maintenance of 5-10mw high-power generators. Zhang Guoyin, a technical expert from esbe wind power technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., gave detailed guidance on how to select the key components of pitch system. At the same time, Qu Jizhen, another technical expert from esbe, explained in detail the long-life battery of the pitch system, the high reliability super capacitor of the pitch system and the overall technical transformation scheme of the pitch system. All the students present benefited a lot.

In the process of training, we earnestly study and humbly accept the guidance. We hope that in the future development process, we can take promoting wind energy to replace traditional energy as the measure, take promoting the development of wind power market as the direct goal, and take promoting the sustainable development of national economy as the ultimate goal to make indispensable contributions.

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