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Maintenance method of ELESA + Ganter stainless steel hinge authorized by Qingdao sured
  ELESA + Ganter stainless steel hinge is an important component of cabinets, doors and windows and other furniture. The flexibility of daily opening and closing is inseparable from the good state maintenance of these structural parts. In order to ensure the normal opening and closing of stainless steel hinge (as shown in the figure), the daily maintenance of stainless steel hinge is essential.
  Hardware cabinet hinge

  First of all, in order to prevent ELESA + Ganter stainless steel hinge from being worn, we should try to wipe the stainless steel hinge gently with a soft cloth instead of chemical cleaning agent, so as not to corrode the stainless steel hinge.

  Secondly, in order to keep the ELESA + Ganter hinge smooth, we need to add a small amount of lubricating oil to the hinge regularly. Add once every 3 months. Lubricating oil has the functions of sealing, anti-corrosion, anti rust, insulation and cleaning impurities. If some friction parts of stainless steel hinges are not properly lubricated, dry friction will occur. Practice has proved that the heat generated by dry friction in a short time is enough to melt the metal. Give good lubrication to the friction parts. When the lubricating oil flows to the friction parts, it will adhere to the friction surface to form an oil film. The strength and toughness of the oil film are the key to play its lubrication role.
In addition, while relying on the cleaning and antirust effect of lubricating oil, the impurities entering the lubricating oil during use are mainly the dust from worn metal particles. These impurities not only wear metal parts, but also promote the chemical deterioration of lubricating grease. This will accelerate the corrosion of ELESA + Ganter stainless steel hinge, so it is necessary to change the oil regularly while refueling regularly.
  The above is the maintenance method of ELESA + Ganter stainless steel hinge summarized by Qingdao suruide Xiaobian. If you want to know more about ELESA + Ganter products, please call us at any time!

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