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Common anti loosing methods for nord-lock washer of Qingdao sured authorized agent
The invention of nord-lock lock lock washer is almost revolutionary, which improves the original anti lock method by more than one gradient. Today, let's learn about the common anti loosening methods.

There are three commonly used nord-lock locking methods: friction locking, mechanical locking and permanent locking. Mechanical locking and friction locking are called detachable locking, while permanent locking is called non detachable locking.

Commonly used permanent anti loosing: spot welding, riveting, bonding, etc. This method mostly destroys the threaded fasteners during disassembly and cannot be reused.
Common friction locking: the use of gaskets, self-locking nuts and double nuts.
Common mechanical anti loosing methods: using split pin, stop gasket and string wire rope, etc. The mechanical anti loosing method is relatively reliable, and the mechanical anti loosing method should be used for important connections.
The above is a summary of nord-lock lock gasket locking method by Qingdao sured Xiaobian. In addition, if you want to know more about brand gasket problems, please call at any time!
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