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Common types and characteristics of ELESA + Ganter handwheel authorized by Qingdao Sured
  Hand wheel is required for mechanical parts, printing industry, machine tool equipment, textile packaging, petroleum equipment and other occasions. Nowadays, there are quite a lot of handwheel types, with various specifications and sizes. Different types of handwheel have their own characteristics. The following small edition has sorted out the common types and characteristics of elesa+ Ganter handwheel. Let's take a look
  1、 Back corrugated handwheel
It generally uses bakelite as raw material. It has good surface brightness, simple operation, flexible rotation, good high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and grease resistance, so it has long service life.
  2、 Inner ripple handwheel

It is also known as the handwheel. It mainly uses bakelite as raw material. Its appearance is beautiful, generous and bright. Its anti-aging ability is very strong. It has excellent anti rust ability, high hardness, friction resistance, high rotational flexibility and long service life. Its disadvantage is that when it bumps against heavy objects, it is easier to crack.

  3、 Milling machine hand wheel
  Its diameter usually has two kinds, namely 200D and 250D. It is also made of bakelite. It is characterized by delicate surface, good smoothness, flexible rotation and simple maintenance. However, its disadvantage is that it is heavier than ordinary handwheel.
  4、 Small ripple handwheel
  Its raw material mainly uses bakelite, the product surface appears bright black, environmental protection and energy saving. It is characterized by good insulation and heat resistance.

  The above is the common types and characteristics of elesa+ganter handwheel compiled by Qingdao quick sharp. It has a great opportunity to use the handwheel in all walks of life (especially agriculture, transportation, industry, etc.), although it is only an accessory, but the small figure has a great use. If you want to know more about ELESA + Ganter Eliza Gunter products, please call at any time!

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